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Ramine (29/11/2016, 01h14)

What is programming ?

I think the very important goal of programming is to make
us scale.

Take for example mathematical logic, you will learn for example
in mathematical logic that:

p -> q

is equivalent to:

not(q) -> not(p)

because it is infered mathematically from:

p -> q

is equivalent to:

not(p) or q

So what is exactly we are doing with this mathematical logic?

It permits us to scale, that means it permit us to make
our reasonning more complex by formalizing it with
mathematical logic.

Programming is the same:

We are always learning in programming how to scale to a much
bigger and complex problem.. and by doing it, we are structuring
,like in mathematical logic, our thinking and reasonning, also by using
technics of programming like how to calculate the time complexity
and space complexity..

Take for example reusability, intelligence and scalability are inherent
also to reusability in programming, if you reuse smartly you will
be able to scale fast and to become smarter, this is one way
to prove my assertion above.

Thank you,
Amine Moulay Ramdane.
Ahmed Ouahi, Architect (29/11/2016, 13h06)
Otherwise just hypercube would be for a four th dimensional cube where along
that matter
As hypercard has two meanings would be a trade name for comuter program
which allows
To access and create just stacks of cards with information in various forms
graphics video

And sound included simply by clicking on a particular topic as hypercard can
also be a card
Which is two dimensional that has been cut folded into a three dimensional
model is hard
To recreate hypercard from a three multiply five file card as it seems an
easy way to pusue

Learning as form of available information would not hinder creativity or any
kind of ambition
To do additional research but rather stimulate it as sources other than
those on the program
Are not at hand of any one as using the programming for more than just
general knowledge
Petzouille Sopranol (charlot) (29/11/2016, 18h32)
Waow, t'es de retour, le retour du jedi !?
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