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Pentcho Valev (15/01/2020, 01h55)
In LIGO's GW170817 scenario, gravitational waves and gamma rays came simultaneously (only two seconds apart), from the same location of the sky. This implies that they travel hand in hand - same curvy (deflected) path, same speed, same Shapiro delay. Triumph of post-truth science:

"On 8:41 am EDT August 17, 2017, LIGO detected a new gravitational wave source, dubbed GW170817 to mark its discovery date. Just two seconds later NASA's Fermi satellite detected a weak pulse of gamma rays from the same location of the sky." [..]

Kip Thorne, who got the Nobel Prize for discovering the nonexistent gravitational waves, informs the gullible world that Newton's theory predicted no gravitational deflection of starlight (one of the most blatant lies in the history of science):

Kip Thorne: "A second crucial proof of the breakdown in Newtonian gravity was the relativistic bending of light. Einstein's theory predicted that starlight passing near the limb of the sun should be deflected by 1.75 seconds of arc, whereas NEWTON'S LAW PREDICTED NO DEFLECTION. Observations during the 1919 eclipse of the sun in Brazil, carried out by Sir Arthur Eddington and his British colleagues, brilliantly confirmed Einstein's prediction to an accuracy of about 20 percent. This dealt the final death blow to Newton'slaw and to most other relativistic theories of gravity." [..]

The speed of light is VARIABLE AS PER NEWTON, which implies that space-timedoesn't exist and neither do gravitational waves (ripples in space-time):

"Emission theory, also called emitter theory or ballistic theory of light, was a competing theory for the special theory of relativity, explaining theresults of the Michelson–Morley experiment of 1887. [...] The namemost often associated with emission theory is Isaac Newton. In his corpuscular theory Newton visualized light "corpuscles" being thrown off from hot bodies at a nominal speed of c with respect to the emitting object, and obeying the usual laws of Newtonian mechanics, and we then expect light to be moving towards us with a speed that is offset by the speed of the distant emitter (c ± v)." [..]

"To see why a deflection of light would be expected, consider Figure 2-17, which shows a beam of light entering an accelerating compartment. Successive positions of the compartment are shown at equal time intervals. Because the compartment is accelerating, the distance it moves in each time intervalincreases with time. The path of the beam of light, as observed from inside the compartment, is therefore a parabola. But according to the equivalence principle, there is no way to distinguish between an accelerating compartment and one with uniform velocity in a uniform gravitational field. We conclude, therefore, that A BEAM OF LIGHT WILL ACCELERATE IN A GRAVITATIONAL FIELD AS DO OBJECTS WITH REST MASS. For example, near the surface of Earth light will fall with acceleration 9.8 m/s^2." [..]

See more here: [..]

Pentcho Valev
Pentcho Valev (15/01/2020, 10h18)
Spacetime is an "immediate consequence" of Einstein's constant-speed-of-light postulate:

"Special relativity is based on the observation that the speed of light is always the same, independently of who measures it, or how fast the source of the light is moving with respect to the observer. Einstein demonstrated that as an immediate consequence, space and time can no longer be independent, but should rather be considered a new joint entity called "spacetime." [..]

This means that, if the speed of light is variable, spacetime does not exist and neither do gravitational waves (ripples in spacetime). LIGO conspirators just fake them.

The speed of light is OBVIOUSLY variable (as per Newton):

Stationary light source, moving observer (receiver):



"By observing the two indicator lights, you can see for yourself that, oncemore, there is a blue-shift - the pulse frequency measured at the receiveris somewhat higher than the frequency with which the pulses are sent out. This time, the distances between subsequent pulses are not affected, but still there is a frequency shift." [..]

The speed of the light pulses as measured by the stationary source is

c = df

where d is the distance between the pulses and f is the frequency measured by the source. The speed of the pulses as measured by the moving observer is

c'= df' > c

where f' > f is the frequency measured by the moving observer.

In the next version of fundamental physics the original malignancy, Einstein's 1905 nonsensical axiom

"The speed of light is constant"

will be replaced with the correct axiom

"For a given emitter, the wavelength of light is constant".

I have developed the idea in a series of tweets here: [..]

Pentcho Valev
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