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Pentcho Valev (15/02/2020, 16h46)
"On 8:41 am EDT August 17, 2017, LIGO detected a new gravitational wave source, dubbed GW170817 to mark its discovery date. Just two seconds later NASA's Fermi satellite detected a weak pulse of gamma rays from the same location of the sky." [..]

"Just two seconds later" and "same location of the sky" implies that gravitational waves and gamma rays traveled together - same curvy (deflected) path, same speed, same Shapiro delay. In a world different from Einstein’s schizophrenic world, such traveling hand in hand would be regarded as a blatant idiocy.

"The speed of light is VARIABLE AS PER NEWTON, which implies that space-time does not exist and neither do gravitational waves (ripples in space-time).. LIGO conspirators look invincible but in the long run they are doomed. See more here: [..]

Pentcho Valev
Pentcho Valev (16/02/2020, 01h02)
In the physics establishment, only Natalia Kiriushcheva tried to expose theswindle but LIGO godfathers immediately turned her into an unperson:

"On September 16, 2010, a false signal - a so-called "blind injection" - was fed into both the Ligo and Virgo systems as part of an exercise to "test .... detection capabilities". At the time, the vast majority of the hundredsof scientists working on the equipment had no idea that they were being fed a dummy signal. The truth was not revealed until March the following year, by which time several papers about the supposed sensational discovery of gravitational waves were poised for publication. "While the scientists weredisappointed that the discovery was not real, the success of the analysis was a compelling demonstration of the collaboration's readiness to detect gravitational waves," Ligo reported at the time. But take a look at the visualisation of the faked signal, says Dr Kiriushcheva, and compare it to the image apparently showing the collision of the twin black holes, seen on thesecond page of the recently-published discovery paper. "They look very, very similar," she says. "It means that they knew exactly what they wanted toget and this is suspicious for us: when you know what you want to get fromscience, usually you can get it." The apparent similarity is more curious because the faked event purported to show not a collision between two blackholes, but the gravitational waves created by a neutron star spiralling into a black hole. The signals appear so similar, in fact, that Dr Kiriushcheva questions whether the "true" signal might actually have been an echo of the fake, "stored in the computer system from when they turned off the equipment five years before"." [..]

"Withers, however, was already an unperson. He did not exist : he had neverexisted." [..]

Pentcho Valev
Pentcho Valev (16/02/2020, 12h18)
"Must we topple Einstein to let physics leap forward again?" [..]

"Saving time: Physics killed it. Do we need it back? [...] Einstein landed the fatal blow at the turn of the 20th century." [..]

"Bye bye space-time: is it time to free physics from Einstein's legacy?" [..]

Einstein managed to convince the gullible world that a nonsense he had "borrowed" from the nonexistent ether - "the speed of light is constant" - is anon-negotiable truth. The nonsense proved to be highly malignant - its metastases permeated and eventually killed the whole field of science called physics:

Albert Einstein: "...I introduced the principle of the constancy of the velocity of light, which I borrowed from H. A. Lorentz's theory of the stationary luminiferous ether..." [..]

Brian Greene: What does it mean for the speed of light to be constant? [..]

John Stachel: "But this seems to be nonsense. How can it happen that the speed of light relative to an observer cannot be increased or decreased if that observer moves towards or away from a light beam? Einstein states that he wrestled with this problem over a lengthy period of time, to the point ofdespair." [..]

"The speaker Joao Magueijo, is a Reader in Theoretical Physics at Imperial College, London and author of Faster Than the Speed of Light: The Story of a Scientific Speculation. He opened by explaining how Einstein's theory of relativity is the foundation of every other theory in modern physics and that the assumption that the speed of light is constant is the foundation of that theory. Thus a constant speed of light is embedded in all of modern physics and to propose a varying speed of light (VSL) is worse than swearing!It is like proposing a language without vowels." [..]

In the next version of fundamental physics Einstein's 1905 nonsensical axiom

"The speed of light is constant"

will be replaced with the correct axiom

"For a given emitter, the wavelength of light is constant".

I have developed the idea in a series of tweets here: [..]

Pentcho Valev
Ahmed Ouahi, Architect (16/02/2020, 14h10)
.... Whatsoever along the theories the interrelationships between old and new
theories that quantum mechanics becomes Newtonian mechanics as b approaches
zero this limit corresponds to a situation in which the quantum wavelike
aspects of particles become negligible and this is why it cannot be
completely confident that newtonn's theories of motion and gravity used as
effectively in time as they are today whatever the ultimate theory of
everything is found to be would have a limiting form which describes
motionat speeds far less than that of light in weak gravity fields where
quantum wavelike features of mass are negligiblethis form will be the one
that Newton it wasthe same with quantum theories found provided more
complete description about the non-Newtonian with large objects they become
more like Newton's description of motion ...
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