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Pentcho Valev (19/09/2008, 17h07)
Joao Magueijo, PLUS VITE QUE LA LUMIERE, Dunod, 2003, pp. 298-299:
"La racine du mal etait clairement la relativite restreinte. Tous ces
paradoxes resultaient d'effets bien connus comme la contraction des
longueurs, la dilatation du temps, ou E=mc^2, tous des predictions
directes de la relativite restreinte. (...) La consequence en etait
inevitable: pour edifier une theorie coherente de la gravite
quantique, quelle qu'elle soit, nous [Joao Magueijo et Lee Smolin]
devions commencer par abandonner la relativite restreinte. (...) Mais,
comme nous l'avons vu, celle-ci repose sur deux principes
independants. Le premier est la relativite du mouvement, le second la
constance de la vitesse de la lumiere. Une des solutions possibles a
notre probleme pouvait etre d'abandonner la relativite du mouvement.
(...) C'est une possibilite bien sur, mais nous avons choisi
l'alternative evidente: preserver la relativite du mouvement, mais
admettre qu'a de tres hautes energies, la vitesse de la lumiere ne
soit plus constante."

Pentcho Valev
Dono (19/09/2008, 17h16)
On Sep 19, 8:07 am, Pentcho Valev <pva> wrote:
> soit plus constante."
> Pentcho Valev
> pva...@yahoo.com

La racine du mal est ton imbecilite, Paco
Dono (19/09/2008, 17h20)
On Sep 19, 8:07 am, Pentcho Valev <pva> wrote:
> soit plus constante."
> Pentcho Valev
> pva...@yahoo.com

La racine du mal est ta imbecilite incurable, TonTon
Pentcho Valev (22/09/2008, 10h35)
On Sep 19, 6:16 pm, Dono <sa> wrote:
> On Sep 19, 8:07 am, Pentcho Valev <pva> wrote:
> La racine du mal est ton imbecilite, Paco

Clever Dono some time ago you discovered that special relativity is
absurd and a 80m long pole cannot be trapped inside a 40m long barn,
your zombie brothers rebuked you and now you want to be a greater
Einsteinian than Einstein. Don't let zombie brothers confuse you
Clever Dono and try to realize that Great Masters at the Perimeter
Institute did indeed abandon special relativity, more precisely
Einstein's 1905 false light postulate, because that was what "started
the rot" in contemporary physics:

"Smolin admits that "we have made no real headway". "We have failed,"
he says. "It has produced a crisis in physics."..... EINSTEIN MAY HAVE

Lee Smolin: "Quantum theory was not the only theory that bothered
Einstein. Few people have appreciated how dissatisfied he was with his
own theories of relativity. Special relativity grew out of Einstein's
insight that the laws of electromagnetism cannot depend on relative
motion and that the speed of light therefore must be always the same,
no matter how the source or the observer moves. Among the consequences
of that theory are that energy and mass are equivalent (the now-
legendary relationship E = mc2) and that time and distance are

"Loop quantum gravity also makes the heretical prediction that the
speed of light depends on its frequency. That prediction violates
special relativity, Einstein's rule that light in a vacuum travels at
a constant speed for all observers..."

Lee Smolin: "Now, here is the really interesting part: Some of the
effects predicted by the theory appear to be in conflict with one of
the principles of Einstein's special theory of relativity, the theory
that says that the speed of light is a universal constant. It's the
same for all photons, and it is independent of the motion of the
sender or observer. How is this possible, if that theory is itself
based on the principles of relativity? The principle of the constancy
of the speed of light is part of special relativity, but we quantized
Einstein's general theory of relativity. Because Einstein's special
theory is only a kind of approximation to his general theory, we can
implement the principles of the latter but find modifications to the
former. And this is what seems to be happening! So Gambini, Pullin,
and others calculated how light travels in a quantum geometry and
found that the theory predicts that the speed of light has a small
dependence on energy. Photons of higher energy travel slightly slower
than low-energy photons....A very exciting question we are now
wrestling with is, How drastically shall we be forced to modify
Einstein's special theory of relativity if the predicted effect is
observed? The most severe possibility is that the principle of
relativity simply fails....But there is another possibility. This is
that the principle of relativity is preserved, but Einstein's special
theory of relativity requires modification so as to allow photons to
have a speed that depends on energy. The most shocking thing I have
learned in the last year is that this is a real possibility. A photon
can have an energy-dependent speed without violating the principle of

"Some quantum gravity theories predict a breakdown of Lorentz
invariance observable as an energy dependent speed of light, c --> c'
= c + E/ alpha ."

Joao Magueijo and John W. Moffat: "The question is then: If Lorentz
invariance is broken, what happens to the speed of light? Given that
Lorentz invariance follows from two postulates -- (1) relativity of
observers in inertial frames of reference and (2) constancy of the
speed of light--it is clear that either or both of those principles
must be violated."

Pentcho Valev
Dono (23/09/2008, 16h00)
On Sep 22, 1:35 am, Pentcho Valev <pva> wrote:
> pva...@yahoo.com

Espece de imbecile:

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